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Club Rules 2019

March 23rd, 2011

Due to some parents and students asking for clarification on certain Club matters please take notice of the following regarding Club Rules and Regulations.

New students must  after four weeks of joining the club acquire a JKA England license, this is an association regulation and the club has to adhere to it.

Please note that all renewal of licenses must be done at the Associations website www.jka-england.org

All students are expected to follow the Dojo rules and regulation copies can be obtained from the Instructor at any time before or after the lesson.

All students are expected to have a clean karate suit for the lesson any tears to be fixed accordingly, please remember that you can acquire a new Gi at any time, if you let us know we will endeavor to have your order within two weeks.

Lesson absenteeism will only be tolerated if the Club is given prior warning of the occurrence,

Club Mobile for getting in touch is  07896 565421

Persistent absenteeism will mean that after a couple of weeks the student will receive a text/mail giving a two week warning after which they would loose their place at the Club, if the student decides to come back it will be under the discretion of the Instructor ( all cases will be looked at individually )..

All students need to give a mobile phone number and an e-mail address for Club purposes only, with younger children we encourage the parents phone/mail, we have gone this route as it is easier to text/mail than to post or keep giving out copies, this lessens the expense and time involved.

For getting in touch please write to [email protected] or [email protected]

We have regular internal club assessments on going and some students will be disappointed if they do not pass first time, parents are encouraged to talk to the children, as sometimes all it needs is some extra practice at home,  unfortunately due to high numbers in lesson, students need to learn as much as they can,  take it home and practice as well, (KATA is a good example).

We have already experienced one or two students who could not cope with their friend passing and not them, if this happens then the student needs to go back to their home and try even harder for the following week by doing this you will show the instructor that you are willing to work hard for your grade and show true karate spirit.

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