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May 26th, 2011

We are very happy to announce two new visiting Instructors to our Club.

Saturday 11th February 2017 2pm to 5pm (3 sessions)…Sensei D.Paulus 4th Dan JKA

Friday 19th May 2017 5pm to 9pm (3 sessions)…Sensei Y.Ohta 7th Dan JKA

Please support our Club by attending these important sessions.

A lot of hard work has gone into getting these top instructors to our dojo..Ohta sensei needs no introduction Paulus sensei runs Club of the year 2016 Yushikai Academy.

Club Committe



We are very happy to have from time to time visiting Instructors who come and teach at the Club at our request.

Sensei Martin Dobson 3rd Dan JKA from South London Karate Club JKA was the first to come and teach at our Club, begining of 2009.

Sensei Hernan Beltran 7th Dan SKIF (Shotokan Karate International Federation) visited in July 2009  he instructed three lessons and was enjoyed by all that attended (Sensei Hernan Beltran is the former Instructor of Club Instructor Carlos in Chile). We very very honoured to have had him at the Club as Sensei Beltran let us have some time from his heavy European schedule to be with us.

Sensei Luis Bastidas 2nd Dan JKA from Rotherham JKA  is a regular visitor to our Dojo, needs no introduction and is well known by all the students, he visits from time to time and puts everyone through their paces from beginners to advanced.

Sensei Martyn King 3rd Dan JKA,  his teaching was both entertaining and very productive for purple belts who had a good work out on the day, Sensei Martyn visit was in april 2011.

Sensei Mira  3rd Dan JKA from  Sheffield-Shimejurasan Club.We were put through our paces with kihon. Kumite and  Self defence. Sensei Mira visited in May and September 2011.

The above are just a sample of visiting instructors that we have had through the years, we can now had to the list our chief JKA England Instructor Sensei Y Ohta , Sensei Ismael from technical committee, Sensei A.Sanna, Sensei R.Tomlin fron technical committe..

We are very happy and honoured to have had so many Instructors willing to come and teach at our humble dojo, if we all work hard and support the Club then these events can be arranged from time to time.

We are looking at arranging  more visiting instructors for the coming year.

Thank you to all at the club  for your support and understanding.

East London JKA

Club Committe