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Club Black Belts

May 16th, 2022

It take a lot of hard work to achieve the club standard to be given the opportunity to try and the Grading test at one of the JKA Courses. Well done to all that have attempted and passed the test.

March 2023 Newark Regional Course & Dan Grading

Mohammad Yunus Karim 1st Dan

May 2022 K2 Crawley International course

Elle Behari 1st dan

Mcvin Celibio 2nd Dan

Claire Bernabe 2nd Dan

June 2021 National Course

Benjamin Bakalovic

Aaron Storey 3rd Dan Instructor

December 2018 2022 K2 Crawley International course

Jasin Belhocine  Grade to Ist Dan

Maarya Khan     Grade to Ist Dan

Brian Williams   Grade to 3rd Dan Instructor

September 2018 Winchester Reginal Course

Nathan Radford 1st Dan

March 2018   Reginal Course

Mcvin Celibio

Leah Bhudia  

Ria Ashani

Suhayb Haoui

2017 K2 Crawley International Course

Aaron Storey 2nd Dan Instructor

May 2015 K2 Crawley International course

Brian Williams 2nd Dan Instructor

Aaron Storey 1st Dan