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East London JKA Karate Club


June 6th, 2010


  1. Seek Perfection of Character.
  2. Be Faithful and Sincere.
  3. Endeavour.
  4. Respect Others.
  5. Refrain from Impetuous and violent behaviour.

The Dojo Code or Dojo Kun is the oath of the Karateka, it is recited at the end of each lesson.

At the end of each lesson the students and instructor/s line up to take the formal bow or Rei, before this and the usual Mokuso period the whole class will sit in Seiza facing the front to a shrine dedicated to Funakoshi Sensei.

The senior grade will then recite the Dojo Code, line at a time and immediately, the whole class will repeat each line back.

The oath should be chanted with strength, never mumbled in insincerity, for just as karate movements should become automatic and reflexes conditioned, the simple truths of the oath should also penetrate the mind of the participant.

Students must not smoke, swear, spit  or commit any other act likely to offend the etiquette of the Dojo.

Do not use your skills in any offensive way outside the Dojo.(Play fighting)

Always behave with sincerity in the Dojo. Honour the Dojo code.

The Dojo Code embodies all we are trying to achieve through the physical efforts of Karate training. Living the Dojo Code is probably Karate-Do’s  greatest challenge. It is the ultimate test to which few aspire.

Article adapted from Shihan John Van Weenen  Beginners Guide to Shotokan Karate & Karate for Children