Welcome to
East London JKA Karate Club


August 18th, 2020

Q1. I’ve never done karate before, does your club take beginners?

Absolutely, everybody has to start somewhere! We accept children and adults whether they have no karate experience, lots of experience, or any amount in between. The first lesson is free

Please visit our Booking site look for the day you wish to attend & select the Beginner 1st Lesson free ticket then scroll down to confirm your selection

Q2.Can Parents take part with their children ?

Yes this is possible we have enough space at all of our locations for Adults and children to train at the same time.

Q3. How do I book a place in a Class ?

I have done a different style of karate in the past and want to try, please visit our Booking site

Q4. Do I have to be physically fit to start karate?

No, not really. Since karate will improve your fitness as you progress, your starting point is not very important. What is important is the effort you put into it along the way

Q5. Club Membership / Registration

Complete or update the Club Membership form you be sent a copy of the completed Online Membership form


Q6. What Karate Association is the club with ?

East London JKA Karate Club is affiliated to the Japanese Karate Association England (JKAE), Aa part of the clubs affiliation all Club members will need to register as a member JKAE

Q7. How do I print my JKA membership Slip ?

Renewing JKA membership

Login into your love admin account Select the Membership card

Your Membership card will be displayed where you can then upload you image and or print your Membership card.

Q8. I am looking for some videos to help with my kata practise.

Ans Kata Videos

Q9. Where can I train

We have 3 Locations from which can choose to train.