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East London JKA Karate Club

Given-Wilson Center covid 19 Guidelines

August 2nd, 2020
  1. Instructor will open windows in the halls to allow for air circulation
  2. St Mary’s road Parking restrictions end at 6:30 pm parents may want to park on the road as there is limited space in the car park. please note children will be arriving and exiting via the car.
  3. Parents should arrive with their children in good time to allow for entry checks please
  4. Parents and children to stay in your cars until 5 mins before lesson is due to start, please queue up outside the main door please do not enter the Main door until called in.
  5. Safe Entry and exit to the dojo….maintaining social distancing. please wait for Sensei to let you in and exit , which will be one at a time.
  6. Sensei will tell which hall to entry.
  7. Sensei will test each student as they enter with Temperature check on entry
  8. When Registering on the Bookwhen system, please provide contact details for each person attending, no spectators inside at this time. (should there be an issue. contact and trace will be required….similar to pub arrangements)
  9. Students to arrive changed but ideally with jacket or similar over the top.
  10. We will all Training in sports shoes…. no bare feet for the time being.
  11. Gi, or training clothes to be cleaned between sessions.
  12. Please keep within training areas
  13. All those entering and leaving to use sterile cleaning gel
  14. No sharing of equipment
  15. No ki-ai…. We know that shouting risks projecting droplets over a wider space. You can wear a Face masks if you feel more comfortable.
  16. No contact training at this time
  17. All Safe Guarding protocols to remain in place