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Training Cards

June 10th, 2011

Dear All

We are introducing Training Record Cards for all students in order to help them develop their own complimentary karate training programme at home.

We are also asking all parents/carers to provide all students with support to this club’s initiative.

The Training Record Cards work in the following manner:

a)     All students will be shown the exercises that they should do, three times a week at their own pace and leisure, ( Number of times will be at student’s discretion ).

b)    All students will have a sheet with diagrams and description showing the correct way of executing these exercises.

c)     We need your support as all exercises will need to be witnesses and recorded by the parent/carer. Honesty being the biggest factor, in line with the dojo code/kun.

d)    All students to be issued with their own individual Training Record Card which they must show the instructor for signing weekly, after lessons.

e)     Training Record Cards run for two terms, after which an individual student will be chosen as the most successful for that period, a small gift will be awarded in recognition of their endeavours. The real winners are all the students who participate and do their best effort at all times.

Please support this innovative initiative from the Club, as it will help us in the development of all students. We hope this will also encourage parents/carers take a more active role in their children’s karate studies, who knows maybe it will encourage some to take part and join in the fun, adult students are most welcome to the Club.

We invite everybody at the club to support us and be amongst the first to set the ground rules for all to follow.

Thank you for your help and contributions with the Club, do please keep updated by frequently visiting the Club’s website, any queries usual channels of communication.

Best Regards

Club Committee

East London JKA Karate Club