Welcome to
East London JKA Karate Club

Club Rules

August 15th, 2020
  • Before attending Class
  • The white Karate Gi must be kept clean and in good condition.
  • Toenails and fingernails must be kept short and clean.
  • Students should use toilet before class starts so as to avoid them needing to take break during the lesson, this is especially important for children!
  • No jewellery or rings to be worn in the class. If one cannot remove a ring, then put tape around it.
  • No chewing, smoking or any offensive behaviour in the Dojo.

  • On entering the Dojo
  • Each student Should bow. The same when leaving.
  • Every effort must be made to be punctual. If one arrives late they must kneel in front of the class until the Instructor calls them on, then they Should bow and take their place quickly in the class.
  • If someone wants to leave the class they should ask the Instructor first.
  • When the class is called to order, line up smartly and face the “Shomen” position, i.e. towards the front of the class.
  • “Oss” is a sign of respect and is used generally in karate, especially in the following situations:
    upon receiving any advice or command from the instructor ; when bowing at the start and finish of the class; in any other appropriate situation, for instance during gradings or competitions.
  • During any Karate functions, i.e. training, competitions or demonstrations the student should always address this Instructor as “SENSEI” and must behave sensibly.
  • Train at least twice a week where possible.
  • Turn your back if you have to adjust your Gi or tie your belt.
  • There is a specific order to events prior to and after training. How to line up, how to stand, kneel (seiza), bow etc. All students are carefully instructed in these formalities and should follow them.

  • Lesson procedure.
  • The lesson begins when the instructor says “line up” at this point all students should line up in grade order with the lowest grades to the left and highest grades to the right of the dojo once all students are lined up the instructor will take their position at the front of the class and kneel, then upon hearing “seiza” all students kneel, the entire class then performs the opening bow
  • On the instruction “Shomen Ni Rei”, (bow to the front) bow silently.
  • On the instruction “Sensei Ni Rei”, (bow to the instructor) bow and say “Oss”.
  • On the instruction “Otagai Ni Rei”, (bow to each other) bow and say “Oss”.
  • the instructor will stand, then motion for the Students to stand from left to right, highest to lowest grade, This should proceed quickly and appear like a wave rolling from right to left