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East London JKA Karate Club

JKA South Regional Competition 1st October

October 3rd, 2023

Location:- Bromley South Landon

Firstly Well done to all the East London JKA squad members for which this was first Competition for some of you. There was over 190 entries for all categories The day was split between low grades in the morning session and higher grades in the afternoon session

The most important aspect of the day is that each competitor learned from the experience regardless of their individual results

Squad Results

Advika – 🥉Kata / 🥉 Kumite
Maira – 🥉 Kumite
Aaron – 🥉 Kumite
Isa – 🥉 Kumite
Blake – 🥇kumite
Elle – 🥇Kumite / 🥉Team kata
Charlie – 🥉 Team kata
Denisa – 🥉 Team kata
Thira – 🥉kumite