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East London JKA Karate Club

Summer Holiday Break

June 6th, 2019

Dear all

Please note we will be having a two week break in August 2019
ie NO lesson to be run

MONDAY 19th / 26th
WEDNESDAY 21st / 28th
SATURDAY 17th / 24th

First lesson back SATURDAY 31st August

Thank you for your understanding

Club Committee

July Grading 2019

June 3rd, 2019

Dear all

Our next grading is on the 27th July 2019

Examiner K.Hori 5th Dan JKA

Venue Castle Green Gale Stree Dagenham RM9 4UN

Training starts at 10am green belt and above / 11am beginners to yellow

Grading starts 12.15pm end 3pm


24th 26th 29th JUNE (these are the only days we will be assessing students)

If you have a problem with these dates please see Chief Instructor.

Thank you for your understanding

Good luck everyone

Club Committee



June 3rd, 2019

Cancellation of Class HAROLD ROAD

Monday 8th July (Event at the Centre)

Monday 29th July (Event at the Centre)

Monday 26 August (Bank Holiday)

Please note all students will need to attend alternative classes during the week.

Thank you for your understanding

Nationals 2019

May 16th, 2019

Attention all students/ parents   JKA National Club Championships

Nationals are being held on the 22nd June 2019

Venue  K2 Crawley, Pease Pottage Hill, Crawley RH11 9BQ, UK

Time 10am to 6pm ( estimated time may change )

All students 9th Kyu and above are encouraged to participate in this event, please give your name and fee to our Club Coach Sensei Brian.

He will collate all information ASAP so we can have a squad present this year, (please note we need your support with this, as our squad numbers have decreased these past three years, if no support then, we will rethink as a Club whether we will be sending a squad at all next year).

Please note we have not had information regarding fees yet  as soon as we do we will pass this information on.

There will be a deadline for handing in the fees and names so stay in touch with Sensei Brian.

All students please make sure that licenses are in date, we will monitor all licenses at the grading later in the year.

If you have spare seats in your car do try and share with other students, unfortunately we are unable as a club to offer transport to the venue.

Good luck with your participation and all the best

Club Committe



Next Events

April 23rd, 2019

Excellent class with Sensei Tomlin on Saturday 11th May

Sensei went though Kyu grades syllabus emphasis on Kihon basics and Kumite sparring

Hip movement control Kime and basic stands blocks for lower grades

Work with a partner Kime Maai distance and correct order for sparrimg

Higher grades was more difficult with Distance work Maai top priority, sparring making use of correct positioning when engaging with partner. Basics again Hip movement control and kime working on speed and distance complex drills for all to learn and practice.

Kata Teki Shodan for higher grades with technical points explained and making use of hips to create power explanation of contraction and expansion whilst executing Blocks and counter






































New stock / Over GI news

March 25th, 2019

New Stock ordered  Club Badges for the Karate Gi

Small Badges 2″ x  3.5″ £5

Large Badges 3″ x  4.5″ £6

Please see Chief Instructor for order.

Club Over Gi can still be ordered however we still need more names to make an order so far only 3 people have put their names, we need a minimum of 10 names..

The order for >10 means we can get a better deal for the students.

For over GI please see any instructor.

Club Committee

Club Participation

March 21st, 2019

East London JKA’s  Aaron Storey and Nathan Radford competed in the 19th Legend Open Shotokan Championships on Saturday 16th March, as part of the JKAE squad.

25 clubs and associations from the UK, Ireland, and Belgium attended, making it a very busy day !

Both Aaron and Nathan competed in Kata and Kumite, and there were many entries in their categories, so they had to earn their way to the finals !

Nathan won Bronze in Kata, with Jion.

Aaron’s performance was one of the highlights of the day, winning Gold in Kata with Sochin, Bronze in Kumite, and picking up a further 2 Silvers in Team Kumite.

In recognition of his outstanding achievements on the day, he was also awarded Best Male Competitor by the organisers.

Club Committee

(Report sent in by J Radford)
































February 28th, 2019

Dear all



22nd APRIL
6th MAY
27th MAY

Do please attend other classes, we will be monitoring attendance of Monday class students for these dates

Thank you for your understanding

Club Committee

High Importance

February 20th, 2019


East London JKA Andrew Dalton and Charlotte Josephs where the sole representatives of the Club ,who attended the JKA England South East Regional Course held in Orpington, Kent on 10th March 2019. The course was led by Sensei Y. Ohta 7th Dan JKA England Chief Instructor who was assisted by JKA England instructors.

After a warm up, Sensei Ohta led the whole class practicing Kihon basics. Starting off slowly with basic moves, blocks and punches then gradually increasing the speed and power of the moves. Then came more complicated moves and changing stances from front stance to back stance and into horse riding stance and applying a technique such as elbow strike, straight punch or knife hand block with each change of stance.

After a break, the class was split into two with Sensei Ohta leading the black belts and two JKA England instructors leading the coloured belts for some in-depth kata practice. Each student had ample practice of all the kata from kihon up to tekki shodan. The instructors were on hand to correct any mistakes and to help the students perfect the movements of each kata.

Also as part of the kata training there were some demonstrations by the JKA England instructors of the application of the kata movements for self-defence also known as Bunkai in Japanese. This really helped us to understand and perfect the kata movements.

Finally, the course concluded with seated meditation or moksu and after that there was an opportunity to have your photo taken with Sensei Ohta. It was an enjoyable course and a good workout and there was lots of knowledge taken home.

Club Committe

(Report handed in by A Dalton)






East London JKA Karate Club present at the Regional course held at Basildon over the weekend.

Carlos Bastidas, Brian Williams, Aaron Storey Philip Fagcang, Mcbin Celibilio, Chaz Josephs, Savrya Vallabhaneni , (not in the picture but also attended Peter Gosponidov & Daniel Gosponidov).

Another great course with Ohta sensei

Started off with simple punching and blocking techiques gradually becoming more advanced and complex, we were made to work with partners pushing each other with speed, target and footwork (shifting and positioning).

Drills developed onto KUMITE drills (very hard work both physically and mentally, however sensi Ohta was very patient with everyone and eased us all into the drills.

Course was finished with KATA for all grades with tips and points to take home and improve on.

Great course, if you missed it make sure you attend the next one.

we cannot emphasise enough the importance of these courses as they are a great source of knowledge for future gradings and development of your karate studies.

Only one observation form our point of view, regarding disappointing participation from our Club, 3 instructors and only 5 students we need to improve our attendance to the courses.


Club Committee

Inter Club Tournament

January 22nd, 2019











Dear all

It is with regret that we have to inform you that due to circumstances beyond our control we have to cancel the Inter Club this coming Saturday (23/02/2019)

Unfortunately we have been unable to secure enough competitors to warrant the holding of such an event.

Hopefully we can deliver the Inter Club later on in the year,

Our thanks for your kind help, time and understanding

On behalf of our Club Committee our best regards to everyone.