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Nationals 2016

May 17th, 2016

Well done to our team at the Nationals – Results

Our double winner Karen Claire Fagcang Individual Kata GOLD Individual Kumite GOLD

Iona Celibio Individual Kumite GOLD

Abbie Alade Individual Kumite SILVER

Phillip Fagcang Indivudual Kumite BRONCE

Aaron Storey Indiidual Kumite BRONCE (joint 3rd)

Aaron storey Individual Kata 4th Place

Mixed Team Kata 6-15 Years

East London JKA Team B 2nd place

East London JKA Team A 4th Place

Congratulations to everyone

Our warmest congratulations to all students in the squad that will represent the Club at the Nationals on the 25th June in Crawley..

Suhayb Haoui, Julian Cojocariu, Abby Alade, Eniola Alade, Nathan Bindi, Alexander Bindi, Philip Fagcang, Karen Claire Fagcang, Kelvin Dewee, Stanislav Ryadindkiy, Iona Celibio, Iesha Celibio, Aaaron Storey.

Individual KATA and KUMITE plus mixed TEAM KATA

Team A Nathan Bindi, Alexander Bindi, Iesha Celibio

Team B Philip Fagcang, Karen Claire Fagcang, Iona Celibio

Team C Suhayb Haoui, Kelvin Dewee, Eniola Alade

Team D Stanislav Ryadinskiy. Aaron Storey, Julian Cojocariu