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Results Nationals 2019

June 25th, 2019

JKA National Competition June 2019

Well done to all students from East London JKA Club who participated in last weekend National

Everyone did exceptionally well, displaying respect, spirit and good sportsmanship. All their
hard work and training was evident on the mat today, with some very tough categories,
particularly the higher grades.

Boys (6-9) kumite was so close in the semi finals. Blake & Bejan (Budokwai), his opponent had to spar three times, with Blake losing out on a technical point (making distance).

Female (21+) Kata, all candidates made it to the finals by default due to no shows (BYE).
Sravya waited so patiently from 11:30am to 5pm to do her Kata in such a tough category.

Chaz, Andrew and Gina secured Gold for Mixed Team Kata after only x2 practice sessions together. And if that wasn’t enough for Chaz, she swept up Gold for both individual kata and

No major casualties and a couple of early knockouts, but we all gained some invaluable
experience and some of us have a far better appreciation of the rules and competition

Thank you to all families and friends who came to support and cheer us on.

Great results for the Club and congratulations to all those who won medals:


Blake Valenzuela (6-9yrs) = Silver
Charlotte Josephs (16+) = Gold
Aaron Storey (21+) = Gold
Gina Regan, Andrew Dalton & Chaz Joseph (Mixed Team Kata) = Gold


Blake Valenzuela (6-9yrs) = Bronze
Lily Regan (10-12yrs) = Bronze
Elle Bahari (10-12yrs) = Silver
Charlotte Josephs (16+) = Gold
Aaron Storey (21+) = Silver

Report drafted by Mrs C Bernabe

Well done to all our squad

Club Committee