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March 7th, 2020

East London JKA Karate Club
Coved19 Coronavirus UK March 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

We are sure you are all fully aware of the current health concerns around the Covid19 Coronavirus in the UK.

With this situation developing, the karate club has taken the decision to help to protect students/Instructors and associated family members health and safety, by issuing the following new club rules:

Any students or accompanying family members, that have recently developed a cough or cold or fever, should not attend class until the illness has past.
All students will be required to wash their hands before class begins, (all of our current venues have hand washing and drying facilities in the toilets).

If any students require the use of a tissue to blow their nose, or wipe sweat from their face, will be required to dispose of the tissue and wash their hands before continuing with the class.
All students must endeavour not to touch each others faces, and not to touch or rub their own eyes/face, unless using a tissue or the sleeve of the Gi. Then they should wash and dry their hands before continuing with the class.

When you have finished training wash your hands and dry thoroughly as advised by the NHS. If youhave the availability of sanitiser gels/wipes, please use them if you wish, please bring a supply of disposable tissues for your own use.

Your Equipment
Gum-shields:- Ensure you the rinse your gum shield throughly after use.
Mitts: Wash your Mitts after use, you can also use anti-bacterial wipes to give them a good

With these new rules in place, we are following the best official advice currently available to protect all our club members and their families and friends, while keeping the club open for all those who wish to keep to life as normal as pos sible during this troubling time.

All our Club Dojos will remain open, unless the venue hosting the club is forced to close…..should this happen students will all be advised, Club websites/Facebook and WhatsApp groups will immediately be updated. #

We hope this will not happen, but be assured that if it does the club will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so.

We hope these measures will reassure all our students, Instructors and their families, that we are doing all we can to assist health and safety, and that everyone will endeavour to support each other and the club by following these simple but effective rules.

Once again, It should be noted that all of our venues have facilities for all student to wash and dry their hands.
For up to date information about Covid 19, follow the links below;
http://111.nhs.uk latest information and advice about the virus, and what to do if you
think you may have it.
https://www.gov.uk latest information and advice about the current situation, numbers,
risk level, recent government actions etc.,

As always we wish all of our students, families and friends well, and hope that you will all stay well, and continue to enjoy your Karate training.

We appreciate your support and understanding at this time.

Club Committee
East London JKA Karate Club