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August 3rd, 2020

Dear all

We are looking to Reopening the Monday & Wednesday Dojo shortly, with this in mind we are going to ask you to do a number of things ie Risk assessment weekly yourself to make sure you are healthy, maintain your social distance whilst in the Dojo etc (we will let you know exactly how to do this in a statement later on)

It should be noted that a number of other JKA clubs will not open in the short term, so we have to thank the opportunity the Given-Wilson Institute & Robert Clack Leisure has provided us.

As some of you are aware, we have been working very hard to get the Club up an running again, we have had Sensei Aaron providing the Zoom Lessons, JKAE has advertised all its lessons and everyone has been given details as to how to access them. However all this is coming to an end as we are slowly returning to some normality.

Sensei Brian has been teaching Saturdays and Sundays since the 27th of June, however this has been done on the premises car park facilities and whist it is sufficient for our needs for the short term, we need to get back to the Dojo ASAP.

Please bear in mind that the new rules will mean smaller classes per week with potentially less venues available for us to use. We have set up a new booking system that will enable everyone to book up to month in advance, we also have in place a waiting list, so if you do not get on a class but you would like to, then please use the waiting list option.

Please keep an eye on the Website there will new pages providing location specific detail and Club Facebook page for the confirmation of our first lesson dates.

Going forward we will have a variety of payment options available to the club members, we look for all club members to support the club going forward to enable the Club to keep running.

We appreciate not every one could previously take part in the training options so an Email to info@eastlondonjka or WhatsApp msg of intention to return to training would be appreciated.

Club Committee

July 2020