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East London JKA Karate Club

October Lesson

September 30th, 2020

Welcome Back October update

Monday Lesson class sizes have been reduced however we have 3 lesson as we will have 2 Instructors and 2 halls available. Please note these smaller class sizes will mean that the students will have a focused lesson.

Parents you can train in the same lesson as your children to help manage your time-table

Monday Lesson Given-Wilson Center all lesson 1 Hour Duration

  • Session 1 Beginner to Red belt Starts 6 :30 PM
  • Session 2 Yellow to Purple belt Starts 6 45 PM
  • Session 3 Purple & white to Black belt 7:45 PM  
  • We Kindly ask new single beginner adults to book lesson 2 or 3 to allow parents to train with their Children in the first lesson.

Robert Clack Leisure Center Wednesday lesson 7-8 pm

  • A single lesson for all grades which will be 55 mins

Friday 7- 8 PM Saint Thomas Church

  • A single lesson for all grades which will be 55 mins to allow for enough time lesson time change around.

Saturday Morning lessons Currently at the @ Given_Wilson Center

All grades welcome at both Lesson start times 9:30 & 10:40

Please be advised that we have had communication from the Newham Leisure center booking team, so we hope to be back in Newham leisure at their earliest convenience.  

Booking System

Review our New Booking system https://bookwhen.com/eastlondonjka

Step 1 Decide lesson you wish to take part in.

Step 2 Initiate payment example Paypal / online banking (Bank transfer payment) or Pay cash amount direct to Sensei.

Then Receive an email conformation of the booking